Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now

I am now focused on novel writing, but prior to that I had written several screenplays including this one for a Spider-Man sequel to the Sam Raimi directed trilogy. As I have been a die-hard Spider-Man fan since I was three years-old and being also a big movie buff, I thought I could put those two loves together and write a Spider-Man 4 script that I would love to see on the big screen.

As many of the storylines were wrapped up in Spider-Man 3, I wanted to continue the story with the next chapter in Peter Parker's journey but breathe some new life into it so it ends with a nice set up for future Spider-Man films. This script is loosely inspired by the popular "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline. The synopsis is as follows:

Having lost both his best friend and the love of his life, Peter Parker tries to push his personal and professional life forward after graduating from University. But both Peter's future and that of his superhero alter-ego are threatened when two foreigners come to New York with a plot to bury Spider-Man once and for all. After seemingly defeating Spider-Man, with the help of The Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter takes up Spidey's post of New York's "protector", throwing the city into a deadly panic only one man can end. But will our hero rise from the ground or is this truly the end for the city... and for Spider-Man?

Unfortunately, due to a large amount of spam, I have had to turn off the ability to leave comments. Previous comments, however, can still be read below.

Enjoy! Click here to read about my other projects and here to contact me.

Based on characters owned by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. This script is Un-Official. It is not associated with Marvel. It uses content copyright by Marvel, without permission as fan-fiction. This material is used for the purposes of informed discussion, and is not intended to interfere with Marvel's right to use said material for their own commercial goals.

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