Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now   Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now
Michael Seidelman, Screenwriter - Read My Spider-Man 4 Script Now

I am now focused on novel writing, but prior to that I had written several screenplays including this one for a Spider-Man sequel to the Sam Raimi directed trilogy. As I have been a die-hard Spider-Man fan since I was three years-old and being also a big movie buff, I thought I could put those two loves together and write a Spider-Man 4 script that I would love to see on the big screen.

As many of the storylines were wrapped up in Spider-Man 3, I wanted to continue the story with the next chapter in Peter Parker's journey but breathe some new life into it so it ends with a nice set up for future Spider-Man films. This script is loosely inspired by the popular "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline. The synopsis is as follows:

Having lost both his best friend and the love of his life, Peter Parker tries to push his personal and professional life forward after graduating from University. But both Peter's future and that of his superhero alter-ego are threatened when two foreigners come to New York with a plot to bury Spider-Man once and for all. After seemingly defeating Spider-Man, with the help of The Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter takes up Spidey's post of New York's "protector", throwing the city into a deadly panic only one man can end. But will our hero rise from the ground or is this truly the end for the city... and for Spider-Man?

If you have read the entire script, I'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Please share your thoughts on everything from Mary Jane's departure to the use of villains, but please use a spoiler warning before discussing the script's twists. I will frequent the board and respond to as many posts as I can.

Enjoy! Click here to read about my other projects and here to contact me.

Based on characters owned by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. This script is Un-Official. It is not associated with Marvel. It uses content copyright by Marvel, without permission as fan-fiction. This material is used for the purposes of informed discussion, and is not intended to interfere with Marvel's right to use said material for their own commercial goals.

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Posted 523 days ago
This script is great! If Sam Raimi had read this one, maybe he wouldn't have cancelled Spider-Man 4
Michael Seidelman
Posted 534 days ago
Thanks very much, James and Tomas!
Tomas West Ocampo
Posted 534 days ago
It has the trilogy spirit
Posted 594 days ago
Wow i really like what you did with this story
i would love to see another script for say Spider-Man with The Lizard or Black Cat or even Wolverine- ever since the first spiderman film was going to have a cameo from Hugh Jackman's Wolverine i always wanted to see him meet Tobey's Spider man
Posted 868 days ago
Hi, Michael. I thought the script was pretty good. One other suggestion I would add is to show how Rhino found Kraven's hideout. This way the reader knows how he did it and you won't have to slow down a scene to explain it.

It would also be a good opportunity to show Rhino's intelligence and give him a little more credibility.
Posted 949 days ago
I'm not wohrty to be in the same forum. ROTFL
Michael Seidelman
Posted 976 days ago
Thank you very much for the praise “This Is Really Awesome” and to Dan, whose comment I somehow missed. I’m happy people are still reading and enjoying the screenplay.

They’re rebooting the Spider-Man movies AGAIN but this time Sony is working with Marvel Studio and he’ll be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so I have faith the latest (and hopefully final) reboot will be great. Though yes, it would have been terrific to have seen my screenplay being used :)
This Is Really Awesome
Posted 977 days ago
Dude! This is AWESOME! If only they made THIS into a movie instead of the Amazing Spider-Man.

I actually liked the two reboot films, but this would be a way better option, with the promise of Spidey 5. If only you could've submitted this script before they went ahead with the reboot...
Posted 1098 days ago
I love the ending, perfect set up for potential sequels. The script does have a great mix of action, but not going too overboard, which is definitely good.

The dialogue is certainly the script's biggest flaw. Especially with Rhino, I understand that you are staying true to the character, but it's too over-the-top, and a lot of audience members aren't comic book readers, and will criticize Rhino on that point.

Plus, the script I believe needs to be more grounded and less childish. It seems that this Spider-Man is a lot more goofy and ridiculous than the others. I know, since the reboot, that this movie will never happen, but in order to recover from the poor reception of SM3, SM4 has to be more grounded and contain more mature themes so adults and children can have a great time.

The second half was much more impressive and had greater quality than the first. My only suggestions are to fix the dialogue, Rhino, maturity and grounding of the script.

Sorry if it's too critical, you may disagree with my points, but you did ask for opinions, and this one is mine. Thank you for reading
Michael Seidelman
Posted 1509 days ago
Thanks Nick for the feedback, both positive and negative!

There are definitely some improvements I could make if I didn’t want to eat up time from current projects – fixing up some of the dialog would be at the top of the list. Though it differs from the comics, I still like the conclusion with Rhino and Kraven but understand if others don’t. Re: how Betty and Rhino knew where Kraven's lair was, I had some exposition explaining how The Rhino tracked it down but the script worked better without that dialog clogging up an otherwise tight scene so I left it out.

Thanks again for taking the time to read the script and send me feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed it!
Nick Ford
Posted 1522 days ago
Oops! By "he" I meant a friend of mine who wrote the Spider-Man 4 script, not Alan Moore! XD

Sorry for the lack of necessary context there!

(I also wanna add your portrayal of JJ was spot on!)
Nick Ford
Posted 1522 days ago

Hey Michael, I don't know if you keep track of this stuff but just in case...

I was reminded today while reading Alan Moore's, "Writing for Comics: Volume One" about a Spider-Man 4 script involving Carnage that he wrote (it was just an opening scene involving a lab scene and then an external street shot involving car alarms from what I can remember...). Thinking about that I looked up "Spider-Man 4 script" and found this.

At first I wasn't sure I was gonna read it but I read a few pages and found myself hooked pretty early on (it helps that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero I guess... :P).

Just wanna give some praise and criticism.

First, the positive:

I liked the story overall (Coincidentally I've ordered KLH for a birthday present so hopefully I'll have it soon)
I liked that there was no love story, it kept Peter focused and developed his relationship with Aunt May
I liked the fight scenes
The overall pacing was good (though some scenes like the cheese scene honestly seemed like padding...)
The romance between Ned and Betty was unexpected but welcomed and I enjoyed the twist in it
Spider-Man was well conceived with witty wise-cracks and some scenes literally had me laughing out loud!

Some negatives though:

I agree with another commenter that Rhino should not have killed Kraven and that Kraven should've had his "honorable death".
How did Betty know where Chamelon and Kraven were? When was that established? Rhino?
I thought some scenes and dialogue weren't the strongest they could be and (please don't kill me for this!) I thought the story could've been longer
I would suggest more character building of Gwen and her father and Betty and Ned so we can care more when Gwen's father (predictably granted, died). I literally did not care when he died and promptly moved on.

I think that's all for now, maybe I'll just write some of that script myself...I am interested in writing comic books...

Anyways, nice work!
Michael Seidelman
Posted 1893 days ago
Thanks Zachariah! I'm so happy you liked it so much that you read it TWICE!! Wow... I'm touched!

Sadly I won't be writing any more Spider-Man screenplays in the near future as I'm working on screenplays based on my own characters. That said, I have given another one quite a bit of thought and if you scroll down a bit, a few comments ago, I describe what my version of "Spider-Man 5" would entail.
Posted 1893 days ago
I loved the script! I actually read this the first time before I saw the trilogy, and read it again after I saw it and loved it even more. LOVE the ending, any chance of another script to go along with it to follow that thread?
ashley zhao
Posted 1913 days ago
sorry I'm not a comic-ish person, but i do love movies and novels!
Michael Seidelman
Posted 1914 days ago
You're welcome Faisal! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!

To answer your questions Ashley, yes, this script is a continuation of the original Spider-Man trilogy and takes place months, if not a year, after Spider-Man 3. I won't be writing another Spider-Man movie, in the near future at least. I need to focus on other writing projects. I don't know of any other sites that have original Spider-Man scripts, though I'd be surprised if there weren't any. However If you like Spider-Man stories and haven't read any Spidey comics yet, I suggest you give them a try. My script and each of the Spider-Man scripts are inspired from ideas from stories that were originally told in the comic books. For a new reader, I'd highly recommend the original "Ultimate Spider-Man" books, starting from the beginning. They are all available in softcover and hardcover collections on Amazon and some libraries carry them as well. Spider-Man fans have also published "fan-fiction" stories about Spider-Man. Just search for "Spider-Man Fan Fiction" on Google. And again, thanks for the compliments! And keep writing... maybe some day I'll be reading your stories! ;)
Faisal Al Jowder
Posted 1916 days ago
Michael Seidelman , thank you very much for writing this script . i was a fan of the previous spider-man trilogy and i was waiting for the 4th edition ,and with your help i got what i want . thank you
ashley zhao
Posted 1922 days ago
hi thanks i was really looking forward to seeing what would happen with mj and peter after watching the 3rd movie. its so sad! Please tell me when your spiderman 5 will come out and when you will start writing it, I am super excited to read another one!
I have 2 questions for you:
1. you mentioned something about mj coming back and it leading up to the next film. Will there be a spider 6 then?
2. do you know any other websites like this where someone wrote a spiderman 4 script? I found spiderman 3 really sad but I was dying to know what would happen next, and the reboot was great, but the original is my favorite. But i didn't know the original existed until after i watched the reboot! The first movie was only made two years after I was born!
okay those are my 2 questions. Please answer them and once again i loved you script!
Im also sort of a writer myself. But I don't write scripts, but maybe i will when i grow older. right now I'm concentrated on writing my own made-up novels. Spiderman is the perfect example for the stuff i like to write and read and watch: some romance, very heroic, and some unearthly stuff, with villains and a hero.
ps your continuing on from the first 3 movies right?
Michael Seidelman
Posted 1922 days ago
Thanks Ashley! I have Spider-Man 5 in my head - it would take place during the Christmas holidays and have Spidey facing off against the Lizard in snowy New York. It would also have Peter working as a teacher, romancing Liz Allen from high school. befriending former bully Flash Thompson (now a PE teacher at their old high school where they are now teaching) and would end with Mary Jane returning to see Peter kissing Liz Allen under the mistletoe, setting up the next film. But I don't see myself writing it since I'm focusing on my own characters and ideas right now. And The Amazing Spider-Man of course had Spidey facing off against the Lizard and I felt that while it is a lot different than what I had in mind, they did a fairy decent job. I'm glad you liked my Spider-Man 4 however!

Dirrty Dawg, if you have a link to your Spider-Man 4 script, feel free to link to it here!
ashley zhao
Posted 1922 days ago
ok dirrtydawg can you tell me the website for it? I can't find any other spiderman 4 scripts and Im sort of addicted to reading it. Thanks!

- Michael Seidelman
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